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Licking County Food Pantry Fundraising Event
Saturday, February 28th

The Super Market Sweep is a fun and entertaining community challenge. The cost is $100 per team (two people per team) to enter the challenge. All proceeds go to the Food Pantry Network of Licking County.

Object of the Game:

The SuperMarket Sweep committee will set up a mini “grocery store” at the Indian Mound Mall. We will give each preregistered team of two participants a list of food items. Each item will use a mini-grocery cart to collect the food items. The team that crosses the finish line first with the most items (and only those items) on the list within the 60-second time limit will be declared the winner. Upon finishing, each team will go through the “check out” for the tallying of their points. The score keeper will assess penalties for rules’ violations such As: selecting the wrong item, leaving the cart, finishing over the time limit and Dropping items on the floor. A team may earn bonus points by finishing under the 60 Second time limit. An engraved trophy, the shopper’s cup, will be awarded to the winning team, to be kept by that teams’ organization for the period of one year until next year’s supermarket sweep. A plaque will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

The goal of Food Pantry of Licking County is to " assure that no one in Licking County goes hungry."

Want More Information?

Want to enter the SuperMarket Sweep or become a sponsor of the event? Contact Chuck Moore at

How can you help?

Donate online today and help wipe out hunger in Licking County!


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